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Internet Cannot Replace Retail

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We are learning that it takes discipline and willpower to stay inside in order to abide by all the reasonable and intelligent safe practices laid out by the health officials and government leaders.

We look forward to resuming our normal activities when it is appropriate: going out, restaurants, shopping, even transporting kids to school and all their activities.

We are going to acknowledge that we have been taking for granted freedom of movement and just getting out of the house. We are also going to realize that going to "Real" stores to shop and buy goods is fun and fulfilling, something the internet can not replace.

Consequently I foresee much pent up demand released. There will be lots of people in stores, handling the products and making purchases.

It's the old saying, "you don't know what you have missed until it's not there."

See you at Tucker Meridian very soon. I hope!

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