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Ben F. Kushner Co. has been managing properties since the 1970’s. We offer full service property management including, leasing, maintenance, accounting, legal, collections, insurance, lease administration, property tax negotiations and construction.

The advantages are many to employ us to manage your property. We have a loyal group of vendors and sub-contractors we have employed for decades. We do bid out our contracts on a regular basis but due to the size of our portfolio we continue to obtain the lowest prices in the market while easily maintaining a high standard of excellence. We also have full time maintenance people to make immediate repairs at much lower rates than a third party contractor.

The result is the low cost of grounds and parking lot maintenance and routine repairs. Lower common area costs contribute to us beating the competition in the rental markets due to lower additional rental charges to the tenants.

Our property insurance costs are cheaper than the competition due to our large blanket policy insured by the highest rated insurance companies in the world. We also provide environmental insurance for our properties.

We employ property tax consultants to contest excess property taxes levied by the municipalities. The fees they charge us are much below the norm due to the volume of our accounts.

Ben F. Kushner Co, an owner of over million square feet of space, treats each property with the mentality of an owner not a third party agent. We are extremely conscience of generating profits by saving costs and aggressive pursuit of past due rents that result in a well performing asset with max value.

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