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Property Acquisition

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Ben F. Kushner Company is constantly seeking development opportunities. We explore sites for the top retail and grocery tenants in the US. Our size criterion varies from an acre or two up to 50+ acres.


We are very selective in our acquisition process however do not hesitate to submit properties you either control or have listed. We can a give you a response within 24 hours.

Ideal properties are in high traffic growth areas with excellent visibility, access, utilities, good demographics, and a desirable location for national retailers.

Property (existing) Acquisition

We are always seeking existing properties to acquire. Retail, office, mixed use are among the type of properties we either currently own or have owned through the years.

The condition of the property is not as important a consideration. The size of the property, large or small, makes no difference to us.

The main criteria we consider is the overall area the property are situated. The main question we explore is, “Is the area getting better of getting worse?”


Please submit properties for our consideration. We act very quickly.

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